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Maria Carty- Mother of the bride
Eugene Carty-Father of the bride
Ruqaiyah Farrar- Mother of the groom
Willie Farrar- Father of the groom
Raheemah Muhammad-Stepmother of the groom
Wali Muhammad-Father of the groom
Alice Carty-Grandmother of the bride
Philip Carty- Grandfather of the bride
Maid of Honor-Maria Lewis-Sister of the bride      
Best Man-Jay Johnson-Close friend of the groom
Brides Maid-Nicole Garcia-Cousin of the bride
Groomsman-Philip Carty-Brother of the bride
Brides Maid-Damaris Noriega-Close friend of the bride            
Groomsman-Dwayne Dickins-Close friend of the groom
Brides Maid-Fadwa Davis-Sister of the groom                
Groomsman-Dwayne McClendon-Close friend of the groom
Brides Maid-Devyani Balladin-Close friend of the bride                 
Groomsman-Dametrius Stevens-Close friend of the groom 
Brides Maid-Tia Adams-Close friend of the bride                              
Groomsman- Derrick Lewis-Brother in law of the bride
Brides Maid-Jeanine Santiago-Cousin of the bride                         
Groomsman- David Lemmon-Close friend of the groom
Junior Bridesmaid-Jainae Davis-Niece of the groom
Junior Groomsman-Joey Smith-Nephew of the bride
Junior Bridesmaid-Ruqaiyah Davis-Niece of the groom
Ring Prince-Elijah Muhammad-Son of the groom
Ring Princess-Ciera Muhammad-Daughter of the groom
Flower Girl-Ariana Lewis-Niece of the bride
Flower Girl-Jayden Wells-Niece of the bride
Bell Bearer-Nikolas Carmichael-Godson of the bride
Usher-David Wells-Brother of the bride
Usher-Juan Wells- Brother of the bride
Usher-Ty Farrar-Brother of the groom
Hostess-Crystal Wells-Sister in Law of the bride
Hostess-Etta Mosley- Close friend of the bride
Hostess- Amber King-Cousin and godsister of the bride
Hostess-Trisa Lewis-Sister-n-law of the bride
Hostess- Mandy Rivera-Close friend of the bride
Hostess-Eli Peralta- Close friend of the bride